By Lucas Fleischmann, Age 14

Nutella O’ Nutella, where can I start?
Thy, taste leaves me to run to you like a dart.
Your scent leaves my mouth watering and my stomach craving.
But I cannot share what I am saving.

Of thee, I think during times of sorrow which leaves me blank faced.
The blithering let you go without a small taste.
But, no, no.
I am sad to see you go.

I see the covering and tear it down.
Coming to your inside, that is so brown.
Your taste seals up my mind.
You’re just one of a kind.

Thy creaminess, Thy swirl.
It all leaves my head a twirl.
Your richness makes me fond
I’m glad you’re not gone.

O’ Nutella, O’ Nutella what can’t you do?
“Nothing OH, Nothing, I can do everything for you.”
When you are gone I will walk through the deepest pits.
I shiver and quiver when walking in your midst.

Thy chocolaty taste,
Will never leave you replaced.
Oh, the things I’ll do,
To be with you.