News Brief: House Votes to Restrict Travel Bans

Protest against the Trump Muslim travel ban in Minnesota, 2018. Photo by Fibonacci Blue on Flickr.

By Stella Tomasello, age 10

The House of Representatives passed the National Origin-Based Antidiscrimination for Nonimmigrants (NO BAN) Act in April by a vote of 218 to 208. The aim was to limit the power the president could exercise over immigration on the basis of religion. 

The travel ban of 2017 had people of different religions or places banned from coming to the United States. The Supreme Court upheld the travel ban because they believed it was within the president’s power to do so, and President Trump believed that immigrants had the potential to be terrorists. Civil rights activists support the NO BAN Act as a major step forward in combating religious discrimination. 

The travel ban hurt immigrants by pulling them away from their families. Pamela Raghebi, a resident of Seattle, blames the travel ban for separating her from her husband for three years. The legislation was reintroduced on May 27 in the Senate, where it awaits a vote.

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