New York City Passes Its Own Green New Deal

New York High Rise Buildings Photo: Wojtek Zając

By Indykids Staff

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new and ambitious plan for the city to do its part to reduce global warming and climate change. The Climate Mobilization Act, which comes into effect May 17, aims to enact the largest carbon reduction measures of any city globally.

The law targets large buildings exceeding 25,000 square feet, as climate scientists say that 70% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the largest buildings.

Measures in the legislative package include requirements for certain structures to grow plants on their roofs or be equipped with solar panels, small wind turbines or a mix of the three. The city also aims to close 24 gas-fired power plants and replace them with renewable sources of electricity that use battery storage.

The city aims to reduce carbon emissions 40% by 2040 and by 80% by 2050. In contrast, the Green New Deal introduced to the U.S. Congress aims to have the country getting 100% of its electricity from renewable sources and zero-emission sources by 2030.

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