New Leaders in France and Britain

By Mallory Jensen

Starting this summer there will be two new faces at meetings of leaders of the world’s most powerful countries.

In France, Nicolas Sarkozy was elected president. Many French people worry that Sarkozy’s government will be bad for the poor people in suburbs where many North African immigrants live. Sarkozy wants to restrict immigration even though his own father came from Hungary. But others, especially big businesspeople, are happy because Sarkozy wants to make the economy grow faster by encouraging people to work longer hours and cutting taxes for rich people and companies.

In Britain, Prime Minister Tony Blair said he will leave office in June after ruling for nine years. Gordon Brown, the current finance minister, became leader of the Labour Party and will be the next prime minister.

In a speech, Brown said that education and health care are the main issues he wants to work on and that he would strive to “earn your trust in our schools, in our hospitals, in our public services.” Brown also wants to regain trust in Britain’s foreign policy. The majority of British people are unhappy with Prime Minister Blair’s support for the war in Iraq.

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