By Indykids Staff

That’s Some Nose!

Depending on the conditions, dogs can sometimes pick up a scent from a half mile away. Scientists say that man’s best friend might even be able to detect cancer – by smelling it! With their exceptionally sensitive noses, dogs may be able to smell odors from cancerous tumors in urine samples.

Millionaires in Government

Less than 1% of people in the U.S. are millionaires. But at least 45 of 100 U.S. senators are millionaires, and probably many more. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney are both millionaires many times over.

Border Deaths

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said at least 464 immigrants died crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. during the fiscal year that ended September 30. The death toll was 43% higher than the previous year. The main cause of death was heat exposure.

Oil Profits

ExxonMobil Oil Corporation’s net earnings were $10 billion in the last three months, up 75% over the same period last year.

18-Year Old Becomes Mayor

In November, Michael Sessions, a high school senior, won the race for mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan, a town of about 9,000 people. The young politician used $700 from a summer job to fund his door-to-door campaign. “I’ve always been interested in politics,” said Sessions. The job comes with no office, but Sessions plans to devote after-school hours to the job and use his bedroom as his office.

Kid Smarts

Tilly Smith, just 10 years old at the time, put her geography lessons to good use: By quickly recognizing the warning signs of a tsunami in the changing sea waters, the English schoolgirl saved about 100 people from near-certain death at a Thai resort. Tilly, now 11, visited the United Nations and met former president Bill
Clinton, the U.N. envoy for the tsunami recovery.