Armenian Protesters
Protesters call for Armenian Genocide recognition in New York City’s Times Square.
PHOTO: Sossi Essajanian


Starting on April 24, 1915, one and a half million Armenians were tortured, killed, kidnapped, enslaved and marched into the deserts of Syria. My thoughts on this genocide are very strong because many of my family members were killed or kidnapped by the Ottoman Turkish army. My great grandfather was one of the Armenians that were forced through the desert of Der Zor, Syria. He died 20 years ago but he told stories of walking in the deserts without any water or food. I cannot see how 1.5 million people can be murdered and this crime not be recognized.

Adolf Hitler said in one of his speeches, “After all, who remembers the Armenians?” and he meant that if the Turks have the right to kill millions and not be punished then he should have the right to kill millions and not be punished. What he did was not right but if the Turks would have been punished for their doings then maybe Hitler would not have done what he did. I think what the Ottoman Turks did to the Armenians was wrong because they killed 1.5 million innocent Armenians for no reason.

I am angry that the Turkish government denies the Armenian Genocide and says it never happened. There is proof that it happened, such as pictures, videos, actual people that tell stories, and bones found in the deserts of Syria.

Christapor Megherian, age 13, is from Franklin Square, NY.


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