Moving to a New Place

By Katie Herbst


Think of your life right now – your friends, your home, everything you love, your favorite sport, everything that means something to you. Now, think of losing all of that. Think of leaving your friends, getting a new home, and going to a place where they don’t play the games and sports that you love.

You have just imagined your own take on moving. Maybe you felt sad, or maybe hopeful. It depends on who you are, but no matter what, when you move to a new place you experience change. Sometimes, change is hard. I miss my friends. I’ll never forget buying fries from a restaurant near school only for my buddies to become vultures and steal them all. The drama club at my new school is so big, and the kids aren’t as quirky. It has been a hard transition, but that’s all it is in the long run, a transition. I have met many kinds of people here. In the end, the move has made me stronger and more aware of my country, which I love.

Without change, there’s no chance to learn or thrive. It makes you ask questions like “What if…?” or “How can…?” Questions send you on a quest for knowledge, the greatest gift of all. So, use your imagination. Think again about how it might be if you had to leave your life and begin a new one. Is the future bright, or are you sad about the difference? What can you do so that the change is positive?

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Katie Herbst is a 10th grader who recently moved from upstate New York to Knoxville, Tennessee.

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