Meet Vinicius from Brazil

Meet Vinicius from Brazil

Name: Vinicius Guimaraes Silva

Age: 8

Hometown: Nova Iguacu, Rio de Janeiro

Languages: Portuguese

Favorite hobbies: Playing football (soccer)

Favorite subjects: Geography and math

Favorite food: Chicken Batata (chicken and potato)

When he grows up he wants to be: A football player

What is a fun thing to do in Brazil?: Go to the beach with your family and friends!

Interesting fact about Vinicius: He has four siblings and another on the way.


Population: 205,000,000

Languages Spoken: Portuguese, Spanish, German

Geography: Brazil, the largest country in South America, is on the Atlantic side of the continent.

Current president: Dilma Rouseff is the first woman to be elected president of Brazil.

Religions: 74% Roman Catholic, 15% spiritualist 1%, voodoo

History: After 300 years under the rule of Portugal, Brazil gained its independence in 1822. A king ruled Brazil until 1888 when he was overthrown, and slavery was ended. The military controlled the government until 1985 when the people demanded an end to military rule.


Good morning!: Bom dia!

Good evening!: Boa noite!

How are you?: Como vai você?

Good: Bem

My name is: Meu nome é

Good luck!: Boa sorte!

Country Profile Sources: CIA World Factbook

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