Compiled by JUDI CHENG


Name: Sun YiChen, age 11

Home: Shanghai, China

Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Shanghai dialect, English

Favorite food: Dumpling (jiaozi)

School: Shanghai YuYi Primary

Favorite subjects: Sports and music

Favorite pastimes: Playing videogames and rollerblading

How he feels about China hosting the Olympics: “Excellent.”

What he would like kids in the U.S. to know about his country:
Great Wall and panda

China at a Glance

Formal name: The People’s Republic of China

Population: 1,295,330,000 in 31 provinces; 56 ethnic groups

Capital: Beijing

Largest city: Shanghai

Official language: Mandarin

Currency: Renminbi (RMB), yuan

Average life span: 71 years

President: Hu Jintao, elected March 15, 2003

History: China was subject to foreign imperialism and invasions for centuries before there was a communist revolution in 1949, which replaced feudalism.

Learn a little Mandarin!
(pronunciation in parentheses)

How are you: Ni hao (“nee how”)

I’m very well: Wo hen hao (“waw hun how”)

Thank you: Xie xie (“shyeh-shyeh”)

Friend: Peng you (“pung yo”)

Let’s eat: Wo men chi ba (“waw mun ch ba”)