Meet Neave from the United Kingdom


PHOTO: Pauline Brown
PHOTO: Pauline Brown

Name: Neave Sian Brown
Age: 12
Lives in: London, England
Hobbies: Arts and crafts, baking and singing
Favorite food: Fish and chips
Favorite school subject: Drama
What She Wants to Do When She Grows Up: Be a veterinarian, a midwife or work at London Zoo. I also wouldn’t mind being a famous singer!
Siblings: One 19-year-old brother
Favorite Festival or Holiday: Christmas

Country at a Glance:

PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons
PHOTO: WikiMedia Commons

Name of Country: United Kingdom
Religions: Christian (includes Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and Methodist) 59.5 percent, none 25.7 percent, unspecified 7.2 percent, Muslim 4.4 percent, other 2 percent and Hindu 1.3 percent.
Languages: English (with British, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish accents)

Fun Facts:

  • The United Kingdom is made up of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.
  • The Chunnel is an underground railroad that goes underneath land and water from London to Paris.
  • The prime meridian runs through England in Greenwich. This means that time officially begins in Greenwich, close to London.

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