Meet Nagi from Sudan

By RIDA ALI, age 11

Meet Nagi from Sudan_Saleem Elknain

Name: Nagi
Age: Nine
Lives In: Al-Ubayyid, capital of the state of North Kurdufan in Sudan
Siblings: Three brothers and four sisters
Languages Spoken: Arabic
Favorite Food: Shaya (fried meat). He also loves cakes and cookies.
Hobbies: Soccer and running sports
Place He Would Most Love to Visit: Egypt and the United States
Favorite Animal: Horse
Favorite School Subject: Mathematics
What He Wants to be When He Grows Up: Soccer player

Sudan at a Glance:

PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons
PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

Official country name: Republic Of the Sudan
Population: Estimated 40 million
Official languages: Arabic and English. However there are approximately 70 native languages spoken in Sudan.

Fun Facts:

  • Sudan is the third largest country in the continent of Africa and the 16th largest country in the world.
  • The name “Sudan” comes from the arabic phrase bilal al-sudan, meaning “land of the blacks.”
  • Ancient ancestors of indigenous Sudanese built a glorious civilization known as the Kingdom of Kush.
  • In 1899, Egypt and Britain occupied Sudan. In 1956, Sudan regained its independence.
  • Sudan was one country until South Sudan separated and became its own country in 2011.

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