Meet Muku from Japan

By YUUKI REAL, age 14

Yuuki Real (left) with Muku Yamaguchi (right). PHOTO: Yayoi Koizumi
Yuuki Real (left) with Muku Yamaguchi (right). PHOTO: Yayoi Koizumi

Name: Muku Yamaguchi
Age: 14
Lives in: Yokohama, Tokyo
Languages Spoken: Japanese, English
Parents’ Jobs: University professors
Favorite Foods: BBQ
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Subjects in School: Math, English and Art
Favorite Activity: Basketball
Favorite Flower: Cherry blossoms

PHOTO: Héctor de Pereda/Flickr
PHOTO: Héctor de Pereda/Flickr

Japan​ at a Glance

Capital: Tokyo
National Language: Japanese
Population: 126,434,964
Geography: Japan is an island country in East Asia consisting of four main islands and 6,848 smaller ones extending to the north and south. Perched on the Pacific Ring of Fire, it experiences frequent volcano eruption and earthquakes. The country is mostly mountainous and forested, and habitable areas are densely populated.
Interesting Fact: Samurai are from Japan. They were the warrior class that emerged in the late Heian period (794–1185) and were the ruling class during the Edo period (1603–1868).
Brief History: Japan has a long history with archeological records dating back to 30,000 BC. The current government was established after WWII. The new government adopted the Peace Constitution in 1947 which proclaims that Japan renounces warfare and military aggression. The Constitution was nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.

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