Meet María José from El Salvador

PHOTO: María José Mazariego
PHOTO: María José Mazariego

Name: María José Mazariego
Age: 12
Lives In: Barrio Mejicanos, San Salvador
Languages Spoken: Spanish
Favorite Food: Chicken lasagna
Favorite Animal: White rabbit
Pets: Two dogs, one rooster, one hen and two chicks
Favorite School Subject: Math
Favorite Activities: Riding my bike
Favorite Flower: Rose
What She Wants to Be When She Grows Up: An architect, a doctor to help people and a lawyer specializing in children’s rights


El Salvador at a Glance

Location: Central America, south of Guatemala and Honduras
Geography: El Salvador is the smallest country in continental America. It contains many active volcanoes and more than 300 rivers. Its tropical climate means that it has two pronounced seasons: wet and dry.
Population: 6.3 million, making it the most densely populated country in Central America
Religions: 50% Roman Catholic, 38% evangelical Christian, 9% no religion, 3% other
Languages: Spanish

Learn a Little Spanish

My name is… – Me llamo… (pronounced: “may yamo”)
How old are you? – ¿Cuantos años tienes? (pronounced: kwan-tos an-yos tee-yen-es?)
Where are you from? – ¿De donde eres? (pronounced: day dohn-day air-es?)

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