Compiled by Judi Cheng

ChildProfile_FranceName: Maguelonne Voignier

Age: 12

Hometown: Toulouse

Languages Spoken: French and Occitan

Parents: Maguelonne’s mother is a primary school teacher. Her father was laid off from a job in technology support and is currently a temporary worker.

Siblings: One sister, Jeanne, age 15

Favorite Foods: Meat, apples, rice, yogurt with crushed cookies

Favorite subjects in school: French literature, art and gym

Favorite activities: Riding horses, rock climbing, baseball, badminton and gymnastics

France at a Glance

Population: 64 million

Capital: Paris

Languages: French and several regional languages

Religion: 83-88% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant

President: Nicolas Sarkozy

Imports: Machinery & equipment, vehicles, oil, aircraft, plastics, chemicals

Exports: Machinery & equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, medicines, iron & steel, beverages

Learn a little French

Comment ça va: How are you?

Salut!: Hi!

À plus tard: See you later

À demain: See you tomorrow

À ce soir: See you tonight

Cheval: Horse

Au revoir: Goodbye