Meet Lluis from Barcelona, Spain

PHOTO: Lluis Creus Guerra
PHOTO: Lluis Creus Guerra

Name: Lluis Creus Guerra


Lives In: Sant Cugat del Vallès outside of Barcelona, Spain

Language Spoken: Catalan, Spanish and English

Parents’ Jobs: His father is an economist (an economics expert) and his mother is a gemologist (a gem expert)

Favorite Foods: Soup

Favorite Subject in School: Science

Favorite Animal: Chameleon

Favorite Activities: Playing tennis and saxophone

Favorite Flower: Rose

What he Wants to Be When He Grows Up: A biochemist

A Little About My Town: I live in a small suburb of Barcelona called Sant Cugat del Vallès, which has lots of green spaces and gardens. It also has a historical town center which surrounds a medieval monastery.

PHOTO: Marcos on Flickr
PHOTO: Marcos on Flickr

Capital of Spain: Madrid

Population: 46.7 million

Languages Spoken: While Spanish is the official language all over the country, Catalan, Gallego, Euskara and Aranés are co-official languages in certain regions.

Religions: 71% Roman Catholic, 24.1% nonreligious, 4.6% other

History: Spain is a country with many identities. Located to the south of France on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has been ruled by various groups, including the Roman Empire and the Moors of North Africa. By the 15th century, Spain was a unified country and began colonizing Latin America in order to extend its empire.

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