Meet Jacob from Belgium

Jacob Schoolmeesters

Name: Jacob Schoolmeesters
Age: 14
Lives In: Kessel-Lo
Languages Spoken: Dutch
Parents’ Jobs: They are both teachers
Favorite Foods: Paella (a Spanish rice dish)
Favorite Animal: Scottish Highland cow
Favorite Subject in School: Physical education (gym)
Favorite Activity: Rugby
Favorite Flower: Green jade flower
What He Wants to Be When He Grows Up: A local journalist reporting about culture, politics and economy

PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons
PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

Belgium at a Glance

Capital of Belgium: Brussels
Population: 11.1 million
Languages Spoken: Dutch, French and German
Religions: 58% Roman Catholic, 27% non-religious, 7% Protestant, 6% Muslim, 2% other
Learn More: Belgium is a country in Western Europe to the north of France and south of the Netherlands. It is divided into the Dutch-speaking Flemish region in the north and the French and German-speaking Walloon region in the south and east. Its capital, Brussels, is home to the United Nations headquarters. In Belgian cities, it is common to see many people traveling by bike, from very young children to the elderly.

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