Meet IndyKids Reporter…10-Year-Old Nadya Serrano!

Image of IndyKids reporter, Nadya Serrano
Nadya Serrano

Meet Nadya Serrano, a 10-year-old reporter at IndyKids from New York City. Nadya loves spending time with her friends at Girl Scouts and doing arts and crafts. She loves playing games outside with her siblings. Nadya likes to cook and enjoys planning events like birthday parties. She likes using her free time to read or think of something creative when she’s bored. She especially loves spending time with kids that are younger than her and gets along with them better than older kids. 

What sparked your interest in journalism, and how did you decide to become an IndyKids reporter?

Nadya: I love writing, and I’m always writing essays at school. When my robotics teacher asked me if I would join, I said yes. And I love sharing my work way more than having it for myself. 

As a young journalist, what topics are you most passionate about, and why?

Nadya: I’ve always been in love with animals, and when a newsletter comes out, I’m always looking for articles about animals.

Can you share something you’ve learned from your experience at IndyKids?

Nadya: I always thought that only adults could share what they write about. But through this experience, I’ve learned that kids can also share what they write. 

How do you think being a kid reporter contributes to raising awareness and promoting positive change in your community or the world?

Nadya: When I write for IndyKids, other kids read it, and they will learn about everything that goes on in the world. They might get inspired and become activists and fight for the rights of others. I’m so glad I can write for IndyKids, and I can’t wait to continue!

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