Meet IndyKids Reporter, Matthew Kue


PHOTO: Matthew Kue
PHOTO: Matthew Kue

Matthew Kue, age 11, has been reporting for IndyKids since March 2014.

Adedayo: What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Matt: I like to shoot basketball with friends because while I am socializing, I am doing something that I love to do.

Adedayo: Is there an individual who has inspired you a lot over the years?

Matt: A basketball player named Ray Allen inspired me because in a sports film he said that determination and hard work got him to the NBA.

Adedayo: What do you enjoy the most about IndyKids?

Matt: I like going on the field trips because I learn more about the world. For example, at the Climate March I interviewed one kid and two adults and learned other people’s perspectives about climate change.

Adedayo: What is your favorite food?

Matt: My favorite food is a bagel with cream cheese because the soft warm bread mixes in with the cold refreshing cream cheese. However, I eat bagels only once a week.

Adedayo: Do you have something that you always need to have near you when you are writing?

Matt: Yes, actually, I have a small Nerf basketball. This helps me gather new ideas when I look at it.

Adedayo: What is one of your favorite articles that you’ve written for IndyKids?

Matt: My favorite article that I have written was the story about Scotland and how close they were to gaining their independence from the United Kingdom. This was important to me because I realized that some people might not want to have their independence.

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