Meet IndyKids Reporter: 12-Year-Old, Esteban Guerra

By IndyKids Staff

Esteban Guerra

Meet Esteban Guerra, a 12-year-old reporter at IndyKids for an impressive four years. From writing about issues like deforestation to exploring the aspects of the first bionic arm. Esteban is set on creating a more informed and curious generation. When he is not breaking news, you can find him indulging in his hobbies of drawing, watching anime, playing basketball, or showcasing his musical talents on the saxophone and piano.

IndyKids: What sparked your interest in journalism, and how did you decide to become a kid reporter?

Esteban: I wanted to become a reporter because I wanted to share and inform others on issues we need to change, so that this world could eventually be safer for future generations.

IndyKids: As a young journalist, what topics or issues are you most passionate about covering, and why?

Esteban: I enjoy covering topics such as deforestation, global issues, and new engineering discoveries.

IndyKids: Can you share a memorable or exciting experience you’ve had while reporting for IndyKids?

Esteban: I think writing my latest report about the first bionic arm, which was extremely cool, how it looked very similar to an actual arm, and that the person could actually feel what they were touching.

IndyKids: How do you think being a kid reporter contributes to raising awareness and promoting positive change in your community or the world?

Esteban: Being a kid reporter raises awareness and informs people about global issues. Kids are aware of the issues that are happening, which should give people a wake-up call and inspire them to take action and address challenges in their community and worldwide.

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