Meet IndyKids Kid Reporter, Sadie Price-Elliott


Meet IndyKids Reporter Sadie Price-Elliott
Sadie Price-Elliott, age 13, has been reporting for IndyKids since since January 2014.

Justin Lamport: What motivated you to start writing for Indykids?

Sadie Price-Elliott: I was motivated to write for IndyKids by my teacher at school, who showed me the paper in class one day. When I saw the paper I was amazed by the depth that kid reporters put into their stories. I loved that it covered real issues that affect all of us. I wanted to try something new and I wanted to meet new people who liked to write.

Justin: What is your favorite article that you have written for IndyKids? Why?

Sadie: My favorite article I wrote was probably “Cyclists Building Peace” because my life relates deeply to the topic. I’m very involved in cycling and my family bike tours on tandems. I got to interview a few cyclists face to face, which was pretty cool.

Justin: What are some of your interests? Why?

Sadie: Some of my interests are making movies with friends and taking pictures everywhere I go. I like taking pictures and videos because it gives me something to look back on.

Justin: Do you have any advice for aspiring young writers?

Sadie: I think it would be to just write. One thing I have been doing since the beginning of 2014 is each day I write something down in a journal. There are days that I don’t feel like writing or I don’t know what to write, but I do it anyway. It helps get those creative juices flowing.

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  1. #1SadiePriceElliotFan4Life

    Wow! So talented and inspirational! Wonder where this amazing budding journalist is now….Probably receiving her nobel prize now….A true legend in the making!

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