Franciszka Gabriela Litwin

Name: Franciszka Gabriela Litwin

Age: 11

Hometown: Wrocław, Poland

Languages Spoken: Polish, English

Family: Franciszka lives with her parents and older sister Maria.

Parent’s Work: Franciszka’s mother is a film director, and her father is a sociologist.

Favorite Food: Pierogi (an Eastern or Central European dumpling)

Favorite School Subject: Music

Favorite Activites: Horseback riding, playing the piano

Poland at a Glance

IndyKids- March April 2012 Issue- Child Profile- Poland- Polish Flag

President: Bronisław Komorowski

Prime Minister: Donald Tusk

Location: Central Europe

Population: more than 38, 000, 000

Capital: Warsaw

Religion: 90% Roman Catholic, 10% Other (Unspecified, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant)

History: During World War II (1939-1945), Germany occupied part of Poland while the Soviet Union took control of the rest. Poland lost nearly 20 percent of its people in World War II—half of whom were Jews. Today, Poland is part of the European Union.


Jak się masz? (Yak she mash) How are you?

Dziękuję (Jen-koo-ye) Thank you

Wiosna (vee-os-na) Spring

Dżdżystość (ji-jist-osh-ch) Rain

Do widzenia (Do veed-zayn-ya) Goodbye

Compiled by Youth Reporter Zazil Davis-Vazquez, age 16.
Country Profile Sources: BBC, The World Factbook