Name: Ella Bakhshi, age 7

Hometown: Kista Alléväg

Languages: I understand Farsi and I can speak English, Swedish, and a little bit of Chinese.

Favorite hobbies: I like to jump on trampolines and do crafts.

Favorite subjects: Reading, writing, math and craft time

Favorite food: Nachos

When she grows up she wants to be: A fashion Designer

What is a fun thing to do in Sweden? : Gröna Lund!  (A big theme park with rides)

Interesting fact about Ella: She was born in Seattle, Washington, in the United States.

Sweden at a Glance

Capital: Stockholm          IndyKids- Nov. Dec. 2011 Issue- Meet Ella from Sweden- Swedish Flag- Public Clip Art

Location: Northern Europe, between Finland and Norway

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Population: About 9 million

Religion: Lutheran 87%, Other 13% (Roman Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Orthodox)

Languages: Official Language is Swedish, but there are small minorities that speak Finnish and Sami

Fun Fact: In 800 A.D. Swedish Viking traders and pirates explored the Atlantic Ocean.

Learn a Little Swedish!

Hello: Hej

Thanks: Tack

Yes: Ja

No: Nej

Happy Birthday: Grattis på födelsedagen

Profile courtesy of Samira Korgan