Meet Camille from the Navajo Nation


camilleName: Camille Tso

Age: 13

Hometown: Black Mesa, Arizona, Navajo Reservation. She now lives in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Languages spoken: Navajo (called “Diné” by the people who speak it) and English

School: Camille is homeschooled part-time and goes to middle school in Flagstaff.

Family: Camille’s mom and dad go to school and she has a little sister, Bahozhoni, who is two years old.

Favorite pastimes: Reading, sleeping and eating. Camille is also a filmmaker. (See article on page 7)

Favorite food: Grandma’s fried chicken with mutton (sheep) and mashed potatoes

Places she most wants to visit: New York, England and India

The Navajo Nation at a Glance

Population: 180,462

Capital: Window Rock, Arizona

The Navajo Nation covers parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. It is the largest reservation in the United States.

Languages: Navajo, English

President: Joe Shirley, Jr.

Poverty: 43%

Learn a little Diné!

Hello: Ya’a’te’eh

Sheep: Dibé

Homemade bread: Báá

Thank You: Ahéhe

Okay, see you again: Hoganié [there is no word for “goodbye,” only “see you again”]

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