Meet Bobby from Ireland


Bobby McKinley. PHOTO: Calum Wolfe-Thompson
Bobby McKinley. PHOTO: Calum Wolfe-Thompson

Name: Bobby James McKinley

Age: 9

Lives in: County Donegal, Ireland

Languages Spoken: English and Irish (Gaelic)

Parents’ Jobs: Dad is a carpenter and Mum takes care of the kids

Favorite Foods: carrots and Walker’s crisps (potato chips)

Favorite Subjects in School: art and drama

Favorite Activities: darts and baseball

How He Would Describe Himself: a lovely boy, but crazy

What He Wants to Be When He Grows Up: an American baseball player

IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons
Irish Flag. IMAGE: Wikimedia Commons

Capital of Ireland: Dublin

Population: 4.7 million (less than New York City alone)

Languages spoken: There are two official languages, English and Irish (also known as Gaelic)

Religions: 84% Roman Catholic, 6% Protestant, 8% Non-religious, 2% Other

Geography: an island in Northwestern Europe, to the west of England and southeast of Iceland

History: Over the centuries, Ireland has survived many invasions by the Vikings and the English. Irish people have suffered religious and cultural oppression and a famine that killed more than a million people. Catholicism is the main religion, but there are also many Protestants, especially in the northern counties. Ireland is a neutral country, which means it does not get involved in war.

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