Meet… Artyom from Armenia

Name: Artyom Barseghyan

Age: 10

Hometown: Yerevan (Armenia’s capital)

Languages spoken: Armenian, Russian and some English

Family: Mother, father, brother, grandmother and grandfather

Parents’ work: Artyom’s mother works as a chemist, and his father is an accountant.

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite activities: Playing the piano, singing and playing tennis

What do you want kids in the U.S. to know about life in Armenia? “I want kids in the U.S. to know about Armenian culture and music.”



Location: Southwestern Asia, east of Turkey

Population: 2,967,004

People: Armenian 97.9%, Yezidi (Kurd) 1.3%, Russian 0.5%, other 0.3%

Languages: Armenian 97.7%, Yezidi 1%, Russian 0.9%, other 0.4%

Political Structure: Armenia is a republic. It gained its independence from the Soviet Union on September 21, 1991.

History: Armenians settled at the foot of Mt. Ararat in the 6th century B.C.E. At its peak, the Armenian empire reached from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Seas. From 1915-1923, Armenians were subjected to genocide by the Ottoman Empire but survived to found the Armenian Republic from 1918-1921. Armenia then became part of the Soviet Union until 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed.


Learn a Little Armenian!

Parev: Hello

Jamuh kani eh: What time is it?

Pari louys: Good morning

Tsudesoutyune: Goodbye

Profile interview by Zoya Stepanyan;

“Armenia at a Glance ”and “Learn a Little Armenian” by Sossi Essajanian