Meet Arnali from Kyrgyzstan

By IndyKids Staff


Name: Arnali Subankulov, age 12 Languages: Kyrgyz and Russian

Religion: Muslim Favorite subject in school: Math

Career: Arnali wants to be a businessman when he grows up.

Favorite food: Plov, a traditional Uzbek dish, made with rice and small pieces of beef.

Family: Arnali has an older sister and an older brother. His father owns a shooting arcade where Arnali works during the summer. His mother works in commerce in Russia.

Hobbies: Playing soccer and computer games and watching cowboy movies and historical films.


Hello: Salam

Peace be with you: Salam aleykum

Yes: Ooba

No: Jok

Friend: Dos

Thank you: Rakhmat

Bread: Nan

Tea: Chay

Rice: Kürüch


Location: Central Asia • Capital: Bishkek

Official languages: Kyrgyz, Russian

Population: 5 million

Religion: 75% Muslim; 20% Russian Orthodox Christian

President: Kurmanbek Bakiyev
Exports: Cotton, wool, meat, tobacco, gold, mercury

Poverty: 40% of the population

Brief history: Kyrgyzstan was formally incorporated into Russia in 1876 and became independent in 1991

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