Meet Andon from Sweden

By UMA CANTONE, age 10


Name: Andon Edman
Age: 9
Lives in: Sweden in a house in a big forest with lots of rocks and oak trees
Siblings: Three. Their names are Timja, Coston and Balla
Languages spoken: Swedish and English
Favorite food: Stewed macaroni with meatballs
Hobbies: I like to play soccer and bandy. Bandy is played on ice like ice-hockey but with a ball and different rules. I also like to play on my ipad or computer. Mostly I play “Minecraft”, “Blocky Roads” and some “MovieStarPlanet.” I also like to bring friends home after school to play
Where he would go if he could go anywhere: I would go to Japan. My name comes from Japan and I have never been there
Favorite animal: Wolf
Favorite school subject: Social Science

PHOTO: Mikael Tigerström/Flickr
PHOTO: Mikael Tigerström/Flickr

Sweden at a Glance

Official country name: Sverige (in Swedish)
Population: 9.8 million people
Official languages: Swedish, Finnish, Meänkieli (spoken mostly by those living in northern Sweden), variations of Sami (also spoken in northern Sweden), Yiddish and Romani
Fun facts:

  • Sweden has been a leader in fighting global climate change, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050.
  • Renewable resources make up 48% of Swedish energy production. Of this, almost 95% comes from hydropower (energy powered by water).
  • Only 1% of Swedish waste goes to landfills.

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