Meet an IndyKids Reporter, Samaira Bunbury

By Onika Ehren, age 12

Samaira is a creative and inquisitive 12-year-old journalist who has been writing for IndyKids since the IndyKids Summer Camp 2018. In addition to writing articles, she has also designed political cartoons and produced a podcast looking at criminal justice reform during the 2019 IndyKids Summer Camp.

1. Do you want to become a reporter in the future?

I would love to become a reporter in the future. It would be a great side job, and it will help me grow my love of writing.

2. What kinds of people are you interested in interviewing (regular or famous people)?

I would love to interview Oprah Winfrey. I would want to ask her how she made it through television during an era of judgment and prejudice.

3. What do you want the world to know?

I would want the world to know that even during times when there are a lot of negative people spreading messages, there are the ones who continue to smile and spread positivity, and those with the most kindest hearts are those who shine.

4. What do you believe your finest skill is?

I believe my most finest skill is all the ways that I can use my voice. I am very confident, and I love to use my voice. I am not scared of empowering myself and others.

5. How many people have you interviewed, and what was so special about them?

I remember when I interviewed a lawyer turned criminal justice reform advocate, named Lewis Webb, in a recording studio at CUNY Journalism School as part of the IndyKids podcast Summer Camp. It was special because he was one of my first official interviews, and he was so kind and devoted to his work in the way that he spoke. Listening to his story inspired me more and more. After hearing his story and realizing the power of interviews, I yearned to interview more people and touch more hearts.

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