Meet an IndyKids Reporter… Grace Stevens!

Twelve-year-old Grace Steves lives in Bowie, Maryland where she attends Friends Community School. Grace’s favorite subject in school is language arts and performing arts. She told us she enjoys expressing herself through different mediums, like singing and writing. When not contributing to IndyKids, Grace expresses herself by writing for her school newspaper and performs ballet.

IndyKids: What motivated you to become a kid journalist?

Grace: I have always loved writing and when I got introduced to journalism I loved it too! I admire how journalists can be storytellers as well as detectives when writing an article. 

IndyKids: How did you first get involved with IndyKids, and what do you most enjoy about the workshops?

Grace: I got involved with IndyKids through other students at my school who attended workshops before. My favorite thing about the workshops is getting to interact with other people who love journalism as much as I do!

IndyKids: Why do you think social justice news reporting is important?

Grace: I think that social justice news reporting is important because it gets lesser known messages out there. There is no way a situation is going to get better if people don’t know about it. Things can only improve when more people know about the problem and its impact.

IndyKids: What topics do you most enjoy writing about and/or feel most passionate about?

Grace: I’m passionate about the climate crisis and deforestation. I’m also a big animal lover and hate the thought of animals being injured or killed due to the actions of a human.

IndyKids: What advice do you have for kids who want to start writing?

Grace: My advice is to just go for it! You will never know what you really enjoy until you try. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new passion!

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