Meet an IndyKids Reporter… Anna Brinkman!

Anna is 11 years old and lives in Queens, N.Y. Anna is homeschooled through Crescent Academy Homeschool. She says her favorite part about being homeschooled is being able to attend school from the luxury of her sofa! Her favorite subjects to learn about are art and science, because she enjoys conducting experiments. In her free time, Anna loves to sketch zentangle designs and bake cupcakes!

IndyKids: How did you first get involved with IndyKids, and what do you most enjoy about the summer camp? 

I first learned about IndyKids at the Better World Festival in Long Island City back in May. They had a booth at the event, and that’s when I found out about their program and the work that they do. I was lucky enough to win a raffle that day, and it earned me a spot in their most recent summer camp! During the camp, I enjoyed learning new things about nonfiction writing and the world.

IndyKids: What advice do you have for kids who want to start writing?

Try to really get into what you want to write about! Learn as much as you can. For me, I listened to more news podcasts to try and learn what it’s like to be a reporter.

IndyKids: Why do you think social justice news reporting is important, and what topics do you feel most passionately about?

I think social justice news reporting is important because we need to know what’s happening in the world around us. I really love learning about environmental issues and how we can all work to try and stop climate change!

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