Meet Alamosaurus!

By Kid Reporter ALEXIA ALMONTE, age 11

Photo: Flickr/JCRoach
Photo: Flickr/JCRoach
An Alamosaurus  is a type of dinosaur with long necks and long tails. This dinosaur is almost 23 feet tall and 74 feet long. Paleontologists  compared  two  huge different types of  dinosaurs  when they found a femur in New Mexico.from what they found they think this dinosaur  could be the same size as a 70 tons Argentionsaurus.  will this be the biggest dinosaur  or will there be bigger.

Did you know that the Alamosaurus was the biggest dinosaur in North America? It was a dinosaur with a long neck and a long tail. They were almost 23 feet tall and 74 feet long! Paleontologists analyzed huge Alamosaurus fossil bones that were found in New Mexico, and  think that they could be the same size as a 70-ton Argentinosaurus, the largest dinosaur found in South America.


  • Alamosaurus was an herbivore, which means this GIANT dinosaur only ate plants!
  • Saurus comes from the word “saura”, which means “lizard” in Greek.
  • Alamosaurus was not named after the Alamo in Texas. The name comes from the rock formation, Ojo Alamo, in New Mexico, where the fossils were discovered.

Paleontologist (pey-lee-uhn-TOL-uh-jist): A person who studies the fossils of plants, animals and other forms of life that existed in prehistoric times.

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  1. Hello! Great article, very well done. I’m just wondering where this picture is taken? I would love to take my kids there!

    Thank you very much,
    Andrea B.

  2. Thanks for the article, Alexia. Well done.

    Hi Andrea, the picture was taken at the The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. I hope that helps. I’m sure your kids would love to check it out.


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