Meet Akil from Pakistan


Name: Akil Uram, 11

Home: Ayubi village in the Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan

Language: Urdu, Hindoka; some Pashtun and English

Religion: Islam

Favorite subject in school: English

Favorite foods: Mangoes, rice

Siblings: Akil has four brothers and three sisters

Father’s job: A farmer of potatoes and corn

What would you like to say to kids in the U.S.?: “I want to say thank you to American kids for collecting money for earthquake relief. They helped us build a temporary school and get chairs and beds.”

Akil also told us about his experience in the earthquake last fall: “I was at school. It happened during English class. There was a big movement and we all ran outside. The headmaster told us to start praying. The building collapsed, but only three children were hurt. Later, I went home and found out that my mother had been killed when our house collapsed.”

Learn a little Urdu!

Hello: Salaam-a-Laikum

Good Bye: Khuda Hafiz

Rice: Chawal

Dog: Kutha

Cat: Billi

Book: Kitab

Boy: Larka

Girl: Larhki

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