Media Giant Under Investigation

Graphic: Jessica Patrick
Graphic: Jessica Patrick


Rupert Murdoch may not be someone you know by name, but he is definitely someone who has an influence on your life. Why?  He owns several powerful media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, the largest newspaper in the world, and Twentieth Century Fox: one of the six largest major American film studios.  Twentieth Century Fox produced That ‘70s Show and the movies Star Wars and Ice Age.

Murdoch and his companies are in the media spotlight because his tabloid News of the World may have used illegal and unethical means to gain information.  Murdoch and his company News Corporation were scrutinized starting in July because it was reported that the company hacked the cell phone of a missing British woman named Milly Dowler, who had been missing for months, and deleted some of her messages in order to help them write a more complete story. This action gave the police and Dowler’s family false hope that she might be alive and deleting the messages, thus interfering with the investigation.

Murdoch and his company are also under federal investigation in the United States because employees of News Corporation may have tried to bribe police and hack into the voicemails of people killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks. Even though Murdoch said that he was “unaware” of the practices of News of the World, he is named in the investigation because he is the Chief Executive Officer.


What Does Murdoch’s News Corporation Own?
The Wall Street Journal
Fox News Corporation
The New York Post
Harper Collins
Twentieth Century Fox

…and over 200 more newspapers, TV stations, magazines and movie studios around the world.

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