It’s not as hard as you think. Try this exercise – no special programs needed.

1) Open the program Notepad (PC Users) or TextEdit (Mac Users) (in TextEdit, go to the “Format” menu and select “Make Plain Text”)
2) Type the following:

<body bgcolor=33CCFF link=FFCC33 vlink=9966FF>
<font size=4 color=FF0000>
Hi, my name is (name), I am (age) years old and I made this page using HTML.
<a href="">This is where I found the code.</a>

3) Save the file as “mypage.html” (in Notepad, under the “Save as type” category change the type to “All files”)
4) Close the file and open it in a web browser (such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer)

You’ve just made a website using HTML code! You don’t need special software to write HTML – just a simple text editor!