Make a Website!

It’s not as hard as you think. Try this exercise – no special programs needed.

1) Open the program Notepad (PC Users) or TextEdit (Mac Users) (in TextEdit, go to the “Format” menu and select “Make Plain Text”)
2) Type the following:

<body bgcolor=33CCFF link=FFCC33 vlink=9966FF>
<font size=4 color=FF0000>
Hi, my name is (name), I am (age) years old and I made this page using HTML.
<a href="">This is where I found the code.</a>

3) Save the file as “mypage.html” (in Notepad, under the “Save as type” category change the type to “All files”)
4) Close the file and open it in a web browser (such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer)

You’ve just made a website using HTML code! You don’t need special software to write HTML – just a simple text editor!

8 thoughts on “Make a Website!”

  1. Hi Sora,

    If you’ve already gone through the first 3 steps, you just need to open the file you made (“mypage.html”) in a web browser – you can use the same browser that you’re using right now to read this article!

    -Mike from IK

  2. Hi Sora,

    I hope Mike’s explanation helped. Were you able to open the page in your web browser? if not try this:

    1) open your web browser

    2) under the “file” menu go to open

    3) in the small “open” window hit browse and locate your file

    4) select your file and hit open

    5) hit ok in the small window

    after that it should show up

    Good Luck

    -Matt from IK

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