Life On Another Planet?


Scientists have discovered a new planet that might be able to support life. The planet may have water, which would be a sign that living things may exist there now. Scientists don’t plan to visit the new planet anytime soon–it is 20 light years away, or as many as 250 million trips to the Moon and back.

6 thoughts on “Life On Another Planet?”

  1. I think its a good thing to find. I don’t get it. Do they mean 2012 is near.IS it necessary to find a new planet.WE should thank god and continue living on the place that god gave us. IF you have any more exact details can you lease tell that in TV.You scientist should try to be more specific please. Don’t give out unknown half details. You making me very curious about this planet. can you tell the name of the planet at least.That is why i don’t really like science.

    GIVE MORE DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think this would b really awesome(: i would luv to visit anather planett,,nd i think nat just me!! but also aloot of ppl!! nd i would like 2 findd out if their is alienss(; or if they even existt.! Andd would their b a chance of any human could visitt that place^^ kus like i said..,,this would b pretty pretty awesomee(;

  3. sounds good but yuh should give more details about this subject it soon really interesting and i would like to know more about this .i disagree in scientists not going to see if it has water or any living thing up their it would be wonderful if there would be another planet like earth were people can live in :)

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