Seventh graders at the Dolores Huertes Learning Academy in Oakland, California wrote:

I think it is a great idea that kids are fixing the damage that Hurricane Katrina did in 2005. It’s a good thing that students from high school get involved. – Joe Patino

Something that I didn’t like about the candidates Obama and McCain is that they do not approve of immigrants getting residence. – Jonathan Garcia

I think it should be against the law in any way to let 18 and younger kids work in factories or dangerous places. Well, maybe a summer part-time job for a teenager might be a good idea… They should arrest and prosecute the company’s owners. – David Tapia

I think that if only 25 percent of people liked Bush then why didn’t they impeach him? He was doing a lot things wrong and a lot of people saw that, but they didn’t do anything. – Mayra Centeno

I think the government should do something about the situation of the disappearing bees. The situation of the disappearing bees also affects humans. About one third of our food depends on bees pollinating plants. Not only that but bees actually help us keep our air less polluted. They also help so plants grow big and beautiful. – Esmerelda