Letters to the Editor (September/October 2012)

Fourth grade students at Public School 152 in Queens, New York wrote letters in response to “Trees for Oil: Pipeline Grows from Canada to U.S.” (May 2012 issue).

Dear IndyKids,

You can make jobs with wind power. There is no need to take down millions of trees for some oil. With lots of pollution, and less trees, we can’t survive. If you can’t survive, how will you do your job? Which would you have, jobs or life?


Dear IndyKids,

I think the pipeline should not be built. First of all, in order to build the pipeline, almost 10 million acres of Canada’s forests need to be destroyed. Then if somehow the pipeline leaks water, more than two million people‚Äôs water will be polluted. It can also cause climate change. I strongly believe it will do more harm than help.


Dear IndyKids,

I think the pipeline should not be built because the oil will be dangerous to the environment, animals or water. If people drink that water, it will not be good.


Dear IndyKids,

I think the White House shouldn’t build the Keystone XL pipeline. They would destroy too many forests, where animals live. It will pollute our water if the pipeline leaks.


Dear IndyKids,

I think that the pipeline should not be built because it will put people’s health at risk. It will also make less oxygen, because they will cut 10 million acres of trees! The pipeline will put too much risk on the environment!


2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor (September/October 2012)”

  1. Dear Indy Kids,

    I feel really good reading your news letter. You should be proud of your selves. You write a solid good news letter and that’s what a good reader wants to see. Every time I read an article it’s like I’m there I don’t have to struggle to under stand you it’s loud and clear. It’s also very power full and catchy it sends the message right to you. I love your news letter and I encourage you to write them more often.

    1. Thank you so much Sofija. We actually have a “Why we love Indy Kids” section on our website and i’m going to add your words to it.

      Indy Kids Editor / Moderator

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