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I found “Someday, You Could Be a: Foreign Correspondent” interesting since most people don’t focus on important things like war. Instead they focus on celebrities who will always be around, but countries are often destroyed by bombs and shooting. Celebrities are forever, but countries are never the same. What’s more important? What Lady Gaga wears? or how many people are dying on the battlefield? Think about it! Del K, Fifth Grade, New York, NY

“U.S. Military Kills Osama Bin Laden” caught my attention because it was surprising when [the U.S. military] caught Osama and people want to know how they caught him. I think it’s good that [the U.S. military] killed him, but at the same time it’s bad to kill people. Fabian Torres, Fifth Grade, New York, NY

I disagree with Bolivia’s new law [as reported in “Nature Gets Equal Rights”.] I think humans need to control animals and Nature. What if you need to kill animals or plants for your safety or food?  Michael J. Santiago, Fifth Grade, New York, NY

“Tornados Tear Through the South” tells us that whole neighborhoods were taken off the map because of the storms. I think it is sad that people died and places were so destroyed that they barely exist. The thought of family members who died made me sad. Not only do they not have a house, but also people that they loved are gone. F. O’Connell, Fifth Grade, New York, NY

I am shocked by how many people were killed by the earthquake in Japan.”Earthquake Changes Lives in Japan” reports that over 14,000 people were confirmed dead, and almost 12,000 more people were missing. I think that the article gives a very good description since it is detailed and shows me how the earthquake was a very tragic and nerve-wracking moment. We should all help the kids in Japan like give clothes and money. Shayna Febus, Fifth Grade, New York, NY

“Earthquake Changes Lives in Japan” tells kids that hundreds of thousands of lives in Japan changed forever after the earthquake. In my opinion, I think people should help the people in Japan so they can have food, water, shelter and clothing. People in Japan need help and we should help them.  Pauline, Fifth Grade, New York, NY

When I read the article “No Bag Lunch” I was surprised that the principal banned bag lunches. I think kids should be allowed to bring their own school lunches. Kids should have a choice to eat what they want and live how they want. Homemade lunches can be a way for kids to express themselves.  Mya Belliard, Fifth Grade, Brooklyn, NY

When reading “U.S. Military Kills Osama bin Laden” I found interesting the idea that the U.S. army killed lots of people from the Middle East and Bin Laden killed less. This point makes it extremely hard to decide if it was fair that Osama was killed. Although Osama was a bad person, the group who killed him should have at least questioned him before he was murdered. After all, the U.S. army killed more civilians than him. I wonder how our army killed that many innocent people. Elijah, Sixth Grade, New York, NY

“A Story of Migration: Bilingual Essay” tells us how coming to America is hard for kids and their families. I think this article is important since it shows how Karyll’s mom was abused by her boss and made it hard for Karyll too. It’s not easy living in New York City being from another country and trying to have a better life.  Susana, Fifth Grade, Brooklyn, NY

There are a lot of kids that are scared to go to middle school [see “Yikes! Middle School!”] because they’re scared that other kids won’t like them. I think that kids should not be scared because they don’t have to fit in with everybody, they just have to be themselves. I think that kids shouldn’t worry because there are always teachers looking after them because they know that students are scared when they’re just beginning Middle School. Chelsea, Seventh Grade, Brooklyn, NY

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