Letters to the Editor (November/December, 2012)

These are comments that people left on articles here at indykids.org. You can leave your own comments on any of the articles on our site.

The article “Fresh Food or Fast Food” was interesting, because we did an experiment [in school] about healthy food in our community to know if there was more fast food or healthy food in our neighborhood. Also we did a virtual tour on the computer to see if we had more healthy food choices.
-Alejandro Soto

In response to your article, “Alert, Pet Lovers!” I cannot believe people would treat animals like that! It’s discrimination and taking away their rights!!! Just because they are little doesn’t mean they’re things. They are alive which makes them allowed to have rights and one of their rights is not to be discriminated! So if you don’t have a pet and you really like animals (but you don’t have any) tell your parents to buy you a doggie or a kitty cat!
-Sofija Mancic-Vuletic

In response to the article “History of Black America’s Voting Rights” by M. Sizwe Chapman, Mr. Chapman presents a concise yet detailed history of the struggle of African American persons to live free in the “land of the free.” I particularly like the timeline as it illustrates the perpetual struggle of our country and communities to define who we are as a people. As a country that values freedom for its citizens and individual rights for all, we will continue to grapple with the balance of these ideologies as our society becomes increasingly diverse. I appreciate the “Tell us what you think” questions and offer my sentiments. Children grow up and they will own a right to vote. We must teach them to appreciate knowledge of our past, create enthusiasm for participation and instill responsibility for stewardship through voting and community service. We need to help them understand the necessity of struggle to prevent the unthinkable consequences of indifference. Thank you, Mr. Chapman for sharing this well-written article on a matter that will always be important.
-Corrie Odom

In response to your article “Where the Candidates Stand in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election,” I think that Obama is right about lowering taxes for the poor, and I think it’s stupid that Romney wants to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. I think that Obama is also right to make health care easier to get.
-Savannah Davis

In response to “Your Turn: Why Do You Wear A Headscarf?” I’m not judging these women in particular, but I believe you should feel strong and proud of your beliefs, and that should be a reason why you wear the Hijaab. You don’t wear it for others, you wear it for yourself. Assimilating and conforming to societal standards should not be your goal. They should go back and remember why they chose to wear it, not why they decided to remove it.

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