Letters to the Editor (May/June 2013)

These are comments that readers have left on articles at IndyKids.org. You can leave your own comments on any of the articles on our site.

In response to “Kids Take Part in Egypt’s Revolution” by Amanda Vender, I think that it is very important that all these children care about the people around them and their country. It’s outstanding that they know good from evil, want a better future, and that they begin to start learning about their government when they’re young, so they can change and improve it when they get older. It just amazes me that these children have the courage to speak their minds and do what they think is right. All of these kids… will go far in life. Standing up to a government like that is tough when you don’t know what they will do to you.
– Ivy V.

From this article, “Women’s Rights Today,” by Eleanor Hedges Duroy, I realized that women in Asia and Africa work very hard to achieve their dreams. For instance, look at Areej El Madhoun, she is only 14 and she is trying to make a difference for women… Like in South Korea and Afghanistan, they are making a difference. So, what I have learned, overall on this issue, is that women are very important to any culture in the world. They should deserve some respect from others as family, friends, neighbors, even presidents. Women need to make a stand and say we are people too. Women have rights.
– Brenda Vazquez

In response to the article, “Kids Celebrate May Day,” in my point of view the United States should have the same rights as other countries if they want to celebrate May Day. May Day should be celebrated in the United States because the US is a state of freedom and what people do all over the world may impact the US as well.
– Yamilet

In response to the article, “Kids Celebrate May Day,” May Day should be important in United States like other countries around the world. People should get the freedom they need and have a day off.
– Kevin Juncal

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