Letters to the Editor (May/June 2012)

flickr/HikingArtist.com-By Fritz
IMAGE: Flickr/HikingArtist.com-By Fritz

I enjoyed reading “Women’s and Girls’ HERstory” because I really believe in women’s rights…it was interesting to read about our history. My favorite article has to be “Raising the Bar.” It is completely unfair that these kids have to work for Hershey’s in those types of conditions.

Sydney, age 11, Kelowna, Canada

Should kids become janitors? This is a truly terrible idea. True, it may help poverty. But, by firing the janitors, thousands of people will be out of work. Kids should do their part in cleaning up the school. Don’t leave tables a mess!

Daniel Watahan, age 11, The Bronx, NY

The banning of Mexican American and Chicano studies in Arizona is not fair. Kids should be able to learn about all different kinds of culture around the world. I hope this changes soon and that everybody will be open to learning about different cultures.

Osiris Russell-Delano, age 8, Manhattan, NY

It’s wrong to ban the book Rethinking Columbus. Children in the future aren’t going to know what Christopher Columbus did to the Tainos. I would go to Tuscon, Arizona and make things better there.

Ally, U.S. Grant Elementary School, Milwaukee, WI

The school board of Tucson, Arizona is being so unfair they don’t know they are hurting other people. Why do they just judge one group of people? They should not even judge any culture. When I hear this I shut down. They were talking about my culture and my whole family.

Brandon, U.S. Grant Elementary School, Milwaukee, WI

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