Letters to the Editor (March/April 2012)

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IndyKids received these letters in response to issue #33. If you would like to tell our editors about something in IndyKids, here’s how you can write in!

Letters From Our Readers

Your issue #33 [“Growing Poverty”] is ridiculous. You have a recipe requiring a food processor. Nice to know that so called “poor people” are buying raspberries and have food processors!
-Anonymous, Oakland, CA

I think this newspaper is the best kid newspaper. Every time I read it, it helps me learn a lot of things about my community. It’s very awesome! This paper just helps me get smarter and smarter.
-Corey, Sixth Grader, Brooklyn, NY

I think that it is unfair that kids in richer neighborhoods get to receive a better education than kids in poor neighborhoods. We deserve the same education other neighborhoods receive. Also, the teachers deserve the same salaries. Just because we are in different places, doesn’t mean we should get different things.
-Yasmin Perez, Sixth Grader, Brooklyn, NY

[The United States Postal Service] is trying to close post offices and slash the number of workers. They are also trying to cut Saturday deliveries, and that means the deliveries will take longer to get to who ever needs it. If they can’t have their jobs, then deliveries will be slower.
-Aspire Vialua, age 11, Brooklyn, NY

I am pleased to say that I am quite happy that the war [with] Iraq is finally over, I understand that more than 4,000 U.S. troops died in the war, and between 650,000 and one million Iraqis died. It breaks my heart to ask if it was really worth it? Maybe it was. What I will leave you with is God bless the U.S.A.
-Travis Williams, Sixth Grader, Brooklyn, NY

I really enjoyed reading the story about “Growing Poverty” because you really gave lot of details on how people are in need of more money. They are homeless and in need of food.
-Leroy Samuel, age 11, Brooklyn, NY

I read the article “Better Schools For The Rich.” I disagree that the rich people have better schools than Blacks ’cause whites are no better then Blacks.
-Alisia Arthur, Sixth Grader, Brooklyn, NY

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