Letters to the Editor: March/April 2009

The following letters were sent to IndyKids from fourth and fifth graders at the Berkeley Montessori School in Berkeley, California

I think it was a really intelligent and creative act when Tim DeChristopher pretended to buy 22,000 acres of land. I hope the land that he didn’t buy will get saved too. I also hope he doesn’t go to jail. – Gabe Soule

I think President Barack Obama should not have Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton on his cabinet. Obama doesn’t want war and Robert and Hillary want to send more troops to war and that’s not good for the troops or the place they are attacking. – Caitlinn Mann

Why did Obama pick Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State? I think he’s being selfish because he only wants her supporters. – Priya Ford

In “Greeks Denounce Police Brutality” in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue, it’s not fair that the police shot and killed that boy. Even though you did not say why the police killed him, the police should be brought to justice. – Julian Davis

I think that the issue of the Wal-Mart trampling is very serious, because people are caring about themselves and aren’t being careful. Because of that someone was trampled to death. – Peter Worthington

I think that Muntazar Al-Zaidi was right to throw his shoes at Bush because Bush couldn’t stop the war and all the troops he sent to Iraq killed a lot of people. I hope Obama does what he says so no one will throw shoes at him. – Sarah Folkmanis

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