Letters to the Editor (January/February 2013)

These are comments that readers have left on articles at indykids.org. You can leave your own comments on any of the articles on our site.

As a 14-year-old young person of color, Mokgwetsi Chapman, in his article “The School-to-Prison Pipeline,” has shared an amazing scholarly perspective on an issue that he and his peers are threatened by. Yet another great voice to be reckoned with as we build conversations on democratic education in America.
Noel Didla

In response to the article “Superstorm Sandy Takes Coney Island for a Ride” by Kylie Freyman, why do people name hurricanes? Why can’t you number them? I was just wondering but I feel terrible about what happened! I hope that the people that died to rest in peace!
Sumaiya Mahee

In response to the article “Art or Animal Abuse?”, I was wondering why didn’t they think about the habitat that the butterflies need and the temperature they are used to having instead of the temperature they cannot use.
Kiana Danielle Laws

In response to the article “America’s Fourth Graders Can’t Read” by Nikki Saint Bautista, I find it surprising that the fourth graders of America cannot read books their level. I live in Canada and have a younger sister that is in fourth grade that can read 300-page chapter books. When I was in third grade, I was reading sixth grade novels like Island of the Blue Dolphin (great book!). Whoever becomes president should spent more money on the education system.
Esther Jin

In response to the article “Someday, You Could Be an Artist and Writer, Just Like Marisa Jahn” by Kylie Freyman, Marisa seems to be a very skillful artist. It’s not a surprise that she also has learnt Esperanto. I have met a lot of interesting people around the world doing the same. Esperanto speakers usually promote multicultural activities and human rights, thinking globally and acting locally.
James Pinton

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