The following letters were submitted by sixth graders at the Secondary School for Law in Brooklyn, NY in response to the IndyKids cover story (Issue #11) on the case of the Jena Six students in Louisiana.

I think it was unfair that the Jena Six were charged with murder and may face a lifetime in prison while the whites only spent a couple of days in detention. My opinion is that African Americans should be treated more fairly. I also think all types of races should come together and fight for the Jena Six. –JADA

I can’t stand the racism in Jena, Louisiana. I think that the black people should be treated the same way as white people because white people wouldn’t like it if they were being treated unfairly. –DAISY

I can’t believe all of the racism that is going on in the world. I believe if somebody does something it should
not be based on their color but on what they did. –JAHNASIA

I think everyone should protest racism and nonsense wherever it appears. –ABNER