Letters to the Editor

Students from the Secondary School for Law in Brooklyn, NY, sent in these letters to IndyKids.

I disagree with the war in Iraq. It’s not like the Americans were right about the dangerous weapons because they haven’t found any weapons. I think this war is ridiculous and a waste of time. – TERRI, 7TH GRADE

Someone should really run Bush out of office because he’s a child and being president is a grown man’s business. – SHAWNDELL, 7TH GRADE

My opinion about the war in Iraq with the United States is that it should end. If the war continues, the U.S. will lose a lot of money and a lot of Iraqis will die. – MARTA, 7TH GRADE

We shouldn’t send any more troops to Iraq! The president is risking even more lives for land and oil. It is really unfair. The troops shouldn’t be taken away from their families. I really hope that the president changes his mind. – NICOLE, 6TH GRADE

I say this war is a very big mistake. The only reason why we went there is because of the oil they have. If they did not have that oil then we would not be there killing innocent people. Please help the U.S. to send back the troops. – JOSE, 7TH GRADE

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