Letters to the Editor

These letters were submitted by sixth graders at John Jay Secondary School for Law in Brooklyn, NY in response to the IndyKids cover story: “Tomato’s Juicy Secret.”

McDonald’s should pay the farm workers more money because nowadays you can’t get anything to eat with 40 cents. Also, they’re only asking for one penny more for every 32-pound bucket of tomatoes. That isn’t a lot of money. McDonald’s needs to pay those workers more because if they don’t, I will tell my family who always go to McDonald’s that we can’t go back. – DONTAE

I feel Immokalee workers should be supported by everyone. Don’t go to McDonald’s … Support the Immokalee [workers]. – DANIEL

The immigrants who pick the tomatoes should be paid more. For all of the work they do, the pickers get paid so little. The Mexicans have families to take care of but not a lot of money to do that. – NATALIA

I think that the Immokalee workers are being unfairly paid. After reading your article, I would not look at Ronald McDonald the same way again. – STEPHANIE

I think the Mexican immigrants should be paid two dollars a bucket. I found out that one farm worker can work for one hour and can’t even get one happy meal! – ANGELIA

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