Letters to the Editor

Submitted by 5th grade students from PS 210, Washington Heights, New York City

Just because some people are from other countries, it doesn’t mean they can’t make a difference! – CRISLEVDA

I don’t agree with the fact that some immigrants aren’t allowed to be here. Many families have come from other countries to find jobs, make money and be with their families. I say it’s time to stop all the drama in the world and start caring for each other. – GENESIS

Today I read in IndyKids about McDonald’s. They think that eating their food makes us cool and happy. They don’t like us to ask where the food comes from. Why don’t they want us to ask? – FIERDELYS

Restaurants like McDonald’s lie and say “eat at McDonald’s and leave cool.” It’s not true. – KENWIS

Haven’t you noticed? McDonald’s thinks that us little kids are dumb. Why don’t they want us to ask where their food comes from? Maybe that’s why their food makes us sick and fat. – MICHELLE

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