Letters to the Editor

I think food prices should be lower. Many people can’t afford the food. People should protest and save lives. – Daisy G., 6th grade, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I think the war in Iraq should stop. About one million Iraqis were killed for nothing. Matthew Sadlowski, 5th grade, Queens, N.Y.

I think when someone comes to the U.S.A., the government should give some money to the people. Toma Faeeza, 5th grade, Queens, N.Y.

I think that it is sad that three cops killed Sean Bell. Those cops should go to jail for at least 25 years. Sean Bell was unarmed, but they still shot him 50 times. Katelyn, 6th grade, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I think the rapper Nas Sparks should have never written the n-word on a t-shirt. Because he is insulting black people. Also because he’s black. Jeannette Ruiz, 5th grade, Queens, N.Y.

One million estimated number of Iraqis killed is horrible. They didn’t do anything. Also, people are being forced to leave their homes. Leslie Garcia, 5th grade, Queens, N.Y.

People all over the world don’t have enough money to support their family. In parts of Africa, some people don’t have jobs and don’t have money. Bianca R. Curatolo, 5th grade, Queens, N.Y.

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