Letters to the editor

Hello, my name is Emerson.I really enjoyed reading the Occupy Wall Street article. I think it’s cool that the people will NOT leave until they get what they want. I am very interested in reading the Hershey’s article also.I really think the reporters at IndyKids are great. Keep up the good work!
–Emmi, Fifth Grade, Brooklyn, NY

I think that the death penalty was wrong to be put against Troy Davis. Different people have different opinions on what is a serious crime. They had no proof that he killed the police officer. I’m sure Troy Davis got sick of going to court for twenty years. If he did kill Mark McPhail, he knows he was wrong. But, now they’re both dead. And I feel bad for Troy Davis if he didn’t kill McPhail.
–Kanoni, Fifth Grade, Brooklyn, NY

I think that Occupy Wall Street is great. It’s great that people are standing up for the fact that there are one percent of people who have 40 percent of the money in the nation. If one percent have 40 percent of the money in the United States, there is not a fair share of money.
–Rose, Sixth Grade, Takoma Park, MD

I like the Occupy Wall Street article the most. After I read it, I learned a lot about everything that’s going on. I also like that it is letting kids know about economic inequality.
–Shemar, Eighth Grade, Brooklyn, NY

I read “Corn and Soy Blend Not Enough for Kids in Africa” and I thought that it was really sad that they didn’t have enough to eat. It’s cool how much [IndyKids] adds about everything that happens, good or bad.
–Eliya, Fifth Grade, Brooklyn, NY

I love your newspaper. It rocks! I love how it is written by kids. It’s way better than the other newspapers! It always tells me interesting things.
–Katelyn, Fifth Grade, Vancouver, Canada

I think you paper is skillful, but you need a few things to make it better. Those things are: you need more detail, horoscopes and comics. My favorite article was the one about the riot in England. Next time you publish IndyKids, could you put more information about Canada in it because I’m Canadian.
–Sasha, Fifth Grade, Vancouver, Canada

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